Feb 19

I know, I know, it has been a little while since my last post. There is a little thing that keeps getting in my way of posting…it’s called life.

My topic of choice today is my children. My little girl, Zoe, is one of the sweetest little girls most of the time. She is very hard headed and will argue with everything that I tell her. She argues the most with me when she is getting into trouble. She thinks that she never does anything wrong so it must be me misunderstanding the situation, yeah right. When she gets tired she starts to whine a lot. When she gets this way is when I have the hardest time with her. I can’t stand the whining and she knows that…haha. I have an answer for the whining…it’s called a belt. Yes, I do believe in spanking my kids and I’ll tell you right now, it does work. I have tried many different methods of discipline on my kids but I always end up back at spanking. I put the fear into my kids and they fully understand what happens next. I don’t have to spank them very often but it does happen from time to time. The hard part it spanking them just hard enough that it gets their attention but doesn’t do any damage. Anyhow, I think Zoe has finally started to understand that daddy will win the arguments….haha…most of the time anyway.