Up and Down

Aug 04


Last night I had some much trouble getting my server back online. The last couple of storms have really killed me as far as my DSL goes.

What happened is I changed to a D-Link wireless router from a Linksys router. The setup is so different between the two. I didn’t have the D-Link correctly setup so when the power would blink or the DSL would go down my router couldn’t re-establish the DSL connection. So, my website would be down for as long as it would take for me to get the DSL back online.

PPPoE….My D-Link = manual setup….Linksys = Auto setup….Benny = duh

Last night I worked on it until I finally figured it out. Configurations for routers are so important and I think that sometimes it is the hardest thing to deal with, other than drivers. Dealing with drivers would take too much time so I will wait till another post for that one :)