Drawing A Conclusion

Jul 11


I have came to the conclusion that a good bed makes all the difference in life.

My bed is the worst right now, all worn out and saggy. I can’t seem to get a good nights rest on it and each night it gets worse. So I have been walking around like a zombie gripping about everything and biting off every bodies head for no reason. I haven’t felt like doing anything but sitting around and sleeping the days away, useless. I noticed my wife sleeping more and more in my daughters bed…she started looking rested and more energetic, at least more than me, which wouldn’t take much. Hell, a snail has been more energetic than me lately. So I started sleeping in my daughters bed just to see. Man, what a difference…life can be better. When I get up I don’t ache, I’m not grumpy or tired, I actually feel like doing something. I get more work done around the house and at work. I feel a billion times better while I’m doing it.

For the love of my kids and wife I will be saving up to get a new mattress set.